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Fitness Rx For Men succeeds as your one stop fitness information source, focusing on the most scientific, cutting edge research available on training, diet and nutrition, and by serving it up in a comprehensive, entertaining fashion.

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Men's Workout - [June '05 Issue]

Eric Carlson makes it in two magazines this month with a full profile, "Leading By Example". Originally from Round Rock, Texas, he now earns his living by taking people on Adventure Retreats around the world. Says Eric, "It gives them the opportunity to experience the pure joy and passion in life. I plan on someday building a resort an spa in Fiji." He makes his base camp in Southern California.

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Mens Workout  Mens Workout  Mens Workout 

A cool feature of some Model America stars appear in this month's edition of Men's Workout. Eric Carlson, Lenny Girelli, Damian Segovia, Brett Bardwell and Brandon MacKay. None of these sports models had any contest experience, so they were just out to have some fun and, most important, catch some attention from the agents, media and photographs who were scoping for new talent.

Mens Workout  Mens Workout  Mens Workout  Mens Workout

He's a comic by profession, but Geoff Ward is no laughing matter when it comes to modeling. The 23 year old jock makes a living as a comedian - really! Geoff works the South Florida market and has performs over 300 times per year. He says, "Staying in peak shape makes it easy for me on stage." Finally a fitness model who stays in shape for something other than sports! Like Eric, Geoff is preparing for Model Universe in Miami Beach.

  Mens Workout  Mens Workout
Mens Workout  Mens Workout  Mens Workout

When Model America favorite Damian Segovia stepped on stage, your eyes went straight for his massive chest. The 6'2" college student has always been an all around jock, so training was something that was a necessity for competitive sports. But, after his high school and college sports days were over, he started training for shape and symmetry. "I used to training to make weight, build my strength and improve my speed. Now, keeping a balanced and chiseled body keeps me fired up in the gym."

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